Frequently Asked Questions
What music do you play?
We play the music that keeps the people dancing and involved.  While we don’t have, per say, a set ‘list’ of songs to play every night, we do have a huge list of songs that usually works well at most functions.  It’s the combination of these selections with requests from the floor and songs specifically picked out, beforehand, by the Organizers or by the Bride & Groom, which makes each party truly special and different.  This ‘blend’ works well night after night and gives each event a unique and personal touch and a busy dance floor.

Do you play the unedited versions of songs that contain profane language?
No.  We do not play these versions of those particular hit songs.  Our music leasing company, Multi Music Services, supplies us with edited versions that have cleaned up or removed those questionable lyrics.  Because we play for people of all ages, we feel it is necessary to air songs that are acceptable to all groups.

Will your DJ’s keep talking on the microphone over the music all night?

No.  While some DJ’s pretend they are on the radio and carry on endlessly with their yackety-yak over the music, our DJ’s have all had on-air experience as announcers and know that most people want to hear the music – not the blabbering.  For most events we will use the microphones for the essential elements and let the music do the talking.  However, we do have fun working with the crowd, engaging with them to break the ice and getting involved in some popular and/or novelty dances.  Our aim is to make your guests feel comfortable by reading out requests, dedications and all the announcements such as Introductions of the Wedding Party, Throwing of the Bouquet and Garter, Cake Cutting and anything else that is required throughout the evening.  But we do fully understand that the music is the most important element and what drives the party. 

Will your DJ’s show up in tee shirts and jeans?
No.  Our DJ’s dress accordingly.  At formal events, such as Weddings, Anniversaries, Graduation Parties and Fundraising Galas, our DJ’s wear suits and ties while, at informal events, like Buck & Doe’s, Parties, Kids Dances and Picnics, they dress in sport casual wear and shirts with collars.   They are friendly and respectful to all guests and do not use foul and racist language or display poor humour.

Can we still bring some of our own CD's for you to play?
Yes.  If you wish, you are welcome to bring any CD's of your own.  Our DJ's can easily mix in your special picks when they fit in with the flow or are needed for special dedications.

What time do you play the first dance?
Whenever you want us to. The average time is between 8.30pm and 9.00pm, but we will wait for your cue on the night as Weddings rarely run perfectly to schedule and it is hard to agree on a precise time prior to the evening.  The first song generally begins a few minutes or so after the Bride and Groom have finished making their final thank-you speeches after dinner.  However, each event is never quite the same as some dances begin before 8:00 pm or after 9:00 pm.

Do you share the names of your clients on the Internet?

No.  To avoid any lack of privacy issues, and out of total respect for the utmost complete privacy, we do not publish or share any personal names of our clients on our website.  In the same respect, to ensure total privacy, we guarantee you that we will not publish or share any photos from functions or events that we are hired for.

What time do you normally finish?
We finish whenever you want us to. The most popular finish time is between midnight and 1:00 am but it’s your choice. If you wish to continue after 1:00 am there may be a slight charge, depending on how much longer you wish to go.  Remember to check with your venue as to what time the bar shuts, what time the music and/or entertainment must finish and, if applicable, what time we need to vacate the building by.
Top 20 Wedding Songs
 1. Amazed
 2. Everything I Do (I Do For You)
    Bryan Adams
 3. Can’t Help Falling In Love
    Elvis Presley
 4. From This Moment
    Shania Twain & Bryan White
 5. Marry Me
 6. Just The Way You Are
    Bruno Mars
 7. When You Say Nothing At All
    Alison Krause
 8. Unforgettable
    Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole
 9. You And me
10. You’re Still The One
     Shania Twain
11. I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing
12. Because You Loved Me
     Celine Dion
13. At Last
     Etta James
14. Bless The Broken Road
     Rascal Flatts
15. Everything
     Michael Buble
16. Unchained Melody
      Righteous Brothers
17. Your Song
      Elton John
18. Wonderful Tonight
      Eric Clapto
19. Right Here Waiting
      Richard Marx
20. Feels Like Home

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